It started with the name.
Legends say that Aquamarine - the treasure of mermaids - was carried by traders and ancient sailors to protect them from the perils of the sea.

 It continues with the passion to travel and all romantic, enlightening and addictive aspects of it.

 It culminates with the service.
Contrary to what you might think, I am a Travel Consultant, not a salesperson, for I don't have any specific product to sell.
I see my business as helping people to make the right travel planning decision. The whole idea is more like using a skilled CPA or a financial analyst because making the right choice can be quite time consuming and   the consequences of making the wrong choice can be quite costly or even dangerous.

 Yes, any experienced and intelligent people are perfectly capable of doing it themselves, but they would have to spend twelve hours a day reading and processing tons of information - this is, after all, a very dynamic industry.
One must research suppliers, test tour operators and service providers, inspect properties, observe the countries political situation, watch over weather reports and be aware of the airlines financial status. But you, you do not have to do all of that, because you know my phone number.

 I am your knowledgeable advisor, enthusiastic guide, devoted partner, competent problem solver and hard-working assistant, helping you to arrange a remarkable journey that will be regarded as the brightest moments of your life.
I am doing it by negotiating with vendors, considering all details, comparing various options and hand-picking a few made just for you.

 However, as my client, you are still in the driver's seat in everything I do - as much or as little as you want to be. The whole process is controlled by your preferences, no matter how unique they may seem. I just take the stress out of it so that you can have all of the fun and enjoyment of designing your trip: this way, your vacation starts the minute you begin dreaming about it.