Celebration Travel

 Among the countless reasons my clients travel, one reason clearly stands out: to celebrate a distinctive - once in a life time - moment or event that deserves recognition. After many years as a Travel Professional it finally became my forte and a favorite genre.

 There is so much in life to be celebrated: milestone birthdays, personal achievements, wedding anniversaries (this one automatically qualifies as a personal achievement after 5 years), and so forth, and travel provides the perfect mood and scenery to make the celebration worthy of the event. Just try to add to that special dinner the soothing sound of Pacific waves, the smell of the tropical flowers, the colors of a Hawaiian sunset... Isn't it the kind of moments we live for?

  I hardly invented the concept - just coined the word - as many of you have tried and enjoyed Celebration Vacation. Nonetheless, I've had the honor and pleasure to arrange for my clients celebration trips on many occasions, so I feel qualified to comment on the phenomenon. To work on the celebration packages for my clients is both greatly exciting and incredibly challenging.
Why is it so different from the ordinary vacation? Because people often wait for it for so long and put so much into it - time, thoughts and efforts. There is so much at stake and even more involved in the process. You are creating a life time of memories and want everything to be perfect and everybody happy and nice to each other. But what if Aunt Lucy can't stand the heat and Uncle Ben can't stand Aunt Lucy? What if John had always dreamed about Costa Rica, and Bob had been there, got bitten by monkey and swore never to come back.
  I'm not saying it's impossible to do, I'm just saying it takes skills and - more often than not - a hospital size jar of the headache medicine. Cruises or all-inclusive resorts are still the universal favorites for many occasions that involve the whole family. Most cruise lines have entertaining programs for all ages, so even a long day at sea can be very busy for Little Pirates and very relaxing for their parents and grandparents (spa or round of golf anybody)? Think about a family gathering where nobody would have to cook and wash dishes for 20 people, or painstakingly wait for one's turn to take a shower. That's what really creates the genuine family bonds.

  But what if even an exotic cruise or an all-inclusive resort vacation seems to be too ordinary? Let's say you want to show somebody very special how much he or she is really loved and admired. What if you decided to arrange the birthday or anniversary trip to match the purpose? Since the travel industry has finally recognized the trend and started to come up with new options every year, we have plenty of creative ideas to explore. Would she not feel like a princess at a candle light dinner in her honor in a Irish castle? Would he not consider the sunset over Machu Picchu that he has spent a long time dreaming of a really thoughtful birthday present? How about a "Look who is 40" all-girls spa and shopping trip? Or the African Safari journey for your teenager-turning-into-a-young-man ? Or a week long Mediterranean yacht cruise with the dearest friends? Can you imagine all of you looking through the photos and videos in ten years?

  So, whatever you are ready to celebrate - personal triumphs, much deserved retirement or promising new beginnings - give me a call. Everything is possible, so let your imagination - or mine - run wild.